Mama’s Journal – Making the Grade

Its been 13 years since I last interviewed for a job. Thirteen years. Saying that out loud really hits home.

It was the spring of 2003 and a nonprofit was looking for an Executive Director. I was encouraged by several, including my husband, to apply for the job. I remember thinking that I was probably not going to get the job, but felt I had most of the attributes that they were looking for. I was then prepared a few days later when I got the call that they were going to go with someone else.

Sure, okay, no big deal. I was pregnant at the time and was happy working at the school as a Para. A few days after that, I received another call that their first choice decided not to take the job and they would like to offer it to me. Really?! So with that second phone call I was fully employed outside of the home for three years. That my friends was my last interview, last paycheck and last time I had to account for my time to someone else.

This morning I began thinking again about jobs, employment and making the grade. I guess in one way or another we all have our jobs that we do or are really good at. I could list the countless jobs that I do daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally. Some I am much better at than others; like being a mama. I think I have a pretty good handle on that job. Splitting fire wood, not so much. I have the strength, but a terrible aim. (We had to get a new axe handle because of me.)

What about employment? Are we destined to be employed and answer to “The Man”. I guess at the end of the day we want to be appreciated, receive a fair wage and feel confident that what we are doing is good for our family and our country. I just want to know that who ever is my “boss” for the day, that I have the necessary clothing, food and fuel to do the job that they want me to do. Take a day last week when I had to go to town and then rush home because I forgot to wash a certain basketball uniform that was needed by 5:30 that evening. (Don’t worry, I got it washed in time for him to play his game.)

How about making the grade? We are weaning calves this weekend and they have to make the grade or they will be sold at the sale barn. Now that does not mean that they are not good calves and will not produce a quality product. It just means that they did not have everything that we are looking for when we consider who will be replacement heifers and who will be bulls. So we weed through them by looking at their appearance, checking their personality/disposition, looking at their genetics and watching them walk. (The walk is very important.) We are looking to see if they will pass and make the grade for the job we are needing them to do.

In life are we really doing the jobs that we are to do? Are we showing up and being held accountable by someone, either ourselves or an employer? Do we make the grade not just once but every single day?

Those are questions we each have to answer for our selves. When we do, will we like the answers?

Blessings to you,
Laurie – Country Link



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