30 Days of Photos – Day 5 Focus

Sometimes as a mom my focus is spot on, sometimes it is completely off focus, and then other times you get this…


Day 5 – Focus

During the golden hour the spider webs were catching all of the sun rays and the barbwire really stood out to me. I like to play with focus and by using my f-stop, have things behind what I am shooting to be in focus or not. This mama cow chose the perfect time to walk past the fence I was shooting at and therefore my focus was complete.

Canon Rebel 5ti

Blessings to you,
Laurie – Country Link


2 comments on “30 Days of Photos – Day 5 Focus

  1. Larry Strohbeck says:

    Enjoying your posts and pictures as always, Laurie. You are great with the camera! BTW, you had to be proud of the kids cleaning up the Gator like you asked. You’re obviously doing a great job with those young folks and setting a wonderful example for them as well. You guys are the best! If by chance you are ever in the St. Louis area we would love to have you here or meet you somewhere. We have plenty of room for all of you if you could stay with us and you are always more than welcome! 🙂

    • That you Larry! We do have great kids and are trying our hardest to raise them. It’s not always easy, but having them is a joy. If we get your way, we will for sure look you all up! We miss you all!

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