30 Days of Photos – Day 8 Harvest

The simple things in life are what matter. Like simply diving into a pile of corn.


Day 8 – Harvest

Like with today’s election, I had multiple choices to use for my picture today. I had the choice of a picture of my farmer father standing on the steps of the combine with his I Voted sticker proudly on his chest. I had another picture of our 13-year-old son proudly standing on the tractor he loves to drive in the field. Then I had this picture. A picture of our daughter playing in a pile of corn without a care in the world and I knew, as great as the other pictures are, this one says so much. For me it says that no matter what this day brings, it is a good day because we are here together and we are doing the things that we love to do. One only needs to choose to put a smile on their face and dive into whatever opportunity may come their way. Maybe even a pile of corn.

Canon Rebel T5i

Blessings to you,
Laurie – Country Link


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