30 Days of Photos – Day 16 Memories

Sometimes you just need to stop and photograph the things that make you happy. The things that bring back the memories.


Day 16 – Memories

I drive by here almost every day. The place has not chanced much in the past 20 years but I know that someday it will. Someday the barn that I played in as a little girl and have fond memories of will be gone. The grain bins that I helped clean out with somewhat fond memories may still be here, but there could be more added to the mix. This is the barn where my first cow had her calf. It is where the milk cow would come each morning and night to be milked. It is the place where we grind feed and stack hay in the loft. It’s the memories that bring this picture to life. For not every picture speaks to everyone, but not everyone has the memories that go with the picture.

Canon Rebel T5i

Blessings to you,
Laurie – Country Link


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