“Why Tour Farms?”

On any given day in the small community of Garden City, Missouri you will find a retail meat shop busy during the lunch hour serving up delicious meats to local farmers, residents and those passing through town. You will probably also see the Garden City Chief of Police in there enjoying his lunch.

How do I know this? Being a member of Missouri Women Bloggers, I was invited on a farm tour organized by Missouri Farm Bureau this past Friday. We ate lunch at Kurzweils’ Country Meats and Restaurant, a family owned specialty meat market/restaurant close to Kansas City. Thus, my meeting the Garden City Chief of Police. (I am sure six women with cameras and name tags caught his attention right away, and he happened to know one of the ladies in our group). We conversed for a bit and when he found out what we were doing, he asked, “Why tour farms?”.

2015-09-18 MFBFarmTour

I guess I should have anticipated his question, but I did not. I was taken back by it for a second. Not because I did not have an answer for him, but that it was asked in the first place. Why would someone, anyone, not just a member of law enforcement, ask WHY would we, (he did not know that we were six lady bloggers), tour farms.

Aren’t farms places people go to learn and gain information? Don’t farmers know the ins and outs of raising food, fiber and fuel? Where else are you going to see cute baby calves?

Why tour farms!?! (Why indeed?) After my quick recover, this is what I told him; “Because it is important to know where our food comes from and to know who is raising it.” Do you agree? Are there others out there like myself and the five other women bloggers who want to know where our food comes from and who it is that is raising it?

I guess I have a different perspective on the subject. I love to visit farms. I love learning about different types of agriculture and seeing animals that are not on my farm. I had the best time in the “Calf Greenhouse” petting the baby dairy calves and letting them lick my fingers. I was excited to be welcomed to a farm that I have passed by on several occasions and thought what a beautiful place and to then know that the farmers there were just as gracious as I hoped. I was appreciative of the fact that they took time out of their busy days to show us not only their beef cows, but also the feed mill that they use daily to ensure a proper diet for their mama sows. With all of these things, how could one not want to tour a farm?

Did I learn anything new on this farm tour? I did! I learned more about the dairy industry and having a pumpkin patch from the Moreland Family. I learned about water collection for irrigation of crops from the Roth Family and I learned about state of the art technologies as it pertains to a feed mill from the Kurzweil Family. I was again reminded of how wonderful, intelligent, kind, resourceful, progressive, determined and happy farmers are. They love what they do and they are pretty darn good at it too .

Blessings to you and the Family Farms of Missouri,

Laurie – Country Link

*Other bloggers on the tour were:


Photo Credit: Missouri Farm Bureau

Shanley: http://eatitkansascity.com/

Ashley: http://www.showmeashley.com/

Gina: http://ginascraftcorner.com/

Jennifer: http://faithfulhomestead.com/

Sarah: http://www.pen2page.me/

Let’s Chat…….

There is a famous line in the movie Steel Magnolias that I will never forget.  Clairee Belcher says, “Well, you know what they say: if you don’t have anything nice to say about anybody, come sit by me!”

Now, I don’t agree with that philosophy, but I do appreciate the fact that she wants to know what is going on.  She wants to “chat”.

I have had two chances now to “chat” with fellow bloggers and agvocates and let me tell you, I wanted them all to come and sit by me!  I wanted to soak up their knowledge and their thoughts.  I wanted to get to know them better and I wanted to make a personal connection, not just a virtual one.  Partly because I was in awe of them and the strong voice that they have, mostly because I am now a mama home most of the day by herself and I really needed some stimulating conversation.  (You try going from having a little shadow all day long to only having the dog, cats and cows to talk too, see how you do.)

In late August I made the trek to Austin, TX all by myself to attend the 2014 Cultivate and Connect AgChat Conference.  Did I mention that I went by myself?  It was all good, no worries, but lets focus for a minute.  I. WENT. BY. MYSELF.  No husband.  No kids.  Nor animals of any kind.  It was me on my own doing something that I really wanted to do.  Man, it felt so good to do something for myself!  Okay, back to the conference.

AgChat hosts an annual conference that brings together agvocates, bloggers, agriculture industry professionals and farmers to talk about being a voice for Agriculture. (That is the simple explanation.  For the whole story, visit AgChat.org.)  How did I hear about AgChat?  My friend Nicole has attended three of the AgChat conferences and tried to talk me into going last year.  Being the mama that I am I said no because it was taking place on the first few days of school for my kids and it was also happening on my daughter’s (Kendall) birthday.  Guess what?  This year it was also during the first few days of school, and I was gone for Kendall’s birthday.  I KNOW! How could I? After some soul-searching, a discussion with my husband and a FaceBook chat with a friend, I signed up in the last hour of the early registration deadline. Let me tell you, once you decided to pay the fee, you are going to do whatever it takes to attend.

AgChat was formed in 2010 and is led by an Executive Director and a board of volunteers.  They really do know how to put on a conference!  The accommodations were wonderful, the speakers inspiring, the food excellent, and the sessions insightful.  The quality of the conference was top-notch and I have attended several conferences in my day. (Okay, not recently, but I have attended many conferences, especially in college and that was not THAT long ago.)  

Fellow attendees have written wonderful blog posts about what they learned and gained from the conference.  Others were on Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram while in attendance and gave the play by-play.  Then there were the few, very few, (okay mainly me) who were in attendance, who were not for sure what they were supposed to do, and waited almost two months to write and reflect on their experience.  What can I say:  I have been busy?  I had writers block?  I was overwhelmed?  Maybe?  Or it could be that I was waiting for the right inspiration and connection to make as to why I attended such a conference.  (Let’s go with the last one.)

Why did I attend AgChat?  To do that, chat.  I attended to chat with others about the industry that I love and have been in my whole life.  I attended to make personal connections with individuals who I have only read their words, not heard their thoughts.  I attended to learn, absorb and take in all that being with fellow bloggers and agvocates has to offer.  I attended to get some AWESOME ag swag.  I attended to get a better understanding of why it is that I am Country Link.

I have told people that I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.  At one time I thought I had things planned out pretty well, but when you are not The One in control, you really can’t plan your life.  So…………………..I take each day at a time and feel very blessed to have a loving husband who lets me be me.  With that he also knows that I struggle at times with being me and finding my place.  Attending AgChat was one way of finding my “place” and chatting with others made me realize that I can be me.  (I really already knew that, but with being there some things finally clicked in my head.)  I can be a voice for Agriculture and the future of farming.  I can connect with others and share my story.  I can be me.  The gal who:  “brings to the group sweetness wrapped in smartness with a splash of humor. She can give you something to smile about, encompass you with her warm hugs, and then talk Ag like any good farm raised girl should. Her love of her children and photography is evident in her daily life!”  That’s me!!!

Stay tuned for part II of Let’s Chat and I will tell you about the second opportunity I had to “chat” with bloggers.

Blessings to you and all of my wonderful blogging/agvocating friends,

Laurie – Country Link






Co-Hosts of the Country Fair Blog Parties; Nicole, Laurie, Tysha, Danielle

Welcome to the first BLOG PARTY from Austin, TX!!!  Here are all of your lovely co-hosts!  That is right, I finally got to meet all of the ladies at the 2014 AgChat Conference – Cultivate and Connect.  Nicole, Taysha and Danielle had all ready met, so I was a little behind on getting to know them better, but we made up for lost time and it felt like I have known them for years.  Thank you ladies for playing a big part in making my time at the conference so much fun!  (Stay tuned for future posts about what I learned at AgChat.)

Since we were all together at AgChat, we are extending a special invitation to those who attended to also participate in this week’s Blog Party.  We want your posts!  They can be about AgChat or anything else.  New to a Linkup?  Read to the end of the post and it will tell you how to join in on the FUN!

Now, on to last week’s winners!  Each co-host chose their own Grand Champions this week.

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county fair ribbon

Kim's Country Line:  Snapshot Kansas:  Sandy Kansas

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Kim’s Country Line

“The three-week Kansas Cattle Drive was in honor of Kansas’ 150th birthday.”

I have been waiting to award a PHOTOGRAPHY ribbon and this post is very much a Grand Champion!

county fair ribbon

2 Kids and Tired Cooks: Brown Sugar Muffins

BAKING:  2 Kids and Tired Cooks

  “This is our favorite Sunday morning muffin recipe.”

Kendall will be a 4-H member this year and plans on taking cooking as one of her projects.  This recipe will be perfect for a young baker!

county fair ribbon

Kim's County Line: Kentucky Hot Brown Bake: The Brown HotelFOOD:  Kim’s County Line

“They don’t meet Funeral Sandwiches in our rating system, but I’m sure I’ll make them again.”

I have heard of the The Hot Brown, but have never had one.  Now I can try it!

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Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link

Welcome to the Show!

The Western Farm Show was this weekend in Kansas City, Missouri.  Did you attend?  Or did the snow, ice and/or cold keep you home?

Snow 01

It was beginning to look like we were not going to be able to attend either.  The snow came in on Thursday and lasted most of the day blanketing us in a lot of snow.  Seth started blading that night because he was due to the Farm Show early Friday morning.  Gpa finished up on Friday and even bladed in the pasture so that he could unroll hay for the cows.  This makes it easier for the cows to eat and gives them a place to lay down so that they are not right on top of the snow.

Snow 02

With Seth gone and school cancelled, the kids and I hung out, played in the snowed and hoped that the roads would be cleared so that we would be able to keep all of our weekend plans.  We were able to make it to the bull sale on Saturday, so that meant that we would then make it to the Western Farm Show.

The kids and I have never attended.  I know, I can not believe it either!  Seth has been the past four years for work, but it just never worked out for the rest of us.

Farm Show Collage

The kids were not for sure what to expect, but I think they enjoyed the day.  A highlight was the escalator.  Yes, it really was.  Apparently I need to get the kids to a mall/convention center more often.

W Farm Show

We did stop in and see how the guys were doing at the Burrus Hybrids booth.  Saturday was a very, very busy day for them and the show in general.  Sunday was slower, but still a good day.  Many of the Missouri customers were in attendance and know to look for the guys and the popcorn that they hand out.

If you were able to get to the Western Farm Show, what was the highlight for you?

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link

Let the Bidding Begin!

I love auctions.  Any kind of auction really: household, farm, livestock, high school basketball players jersey’s……….etc.  You name it and I can sit there and watch and probably bid.  That is fun too.

This auction is one that is very important Gpa and to us.  It is the annual Seedstock Plus North Missouri Bull sale.  For the past several years Gpa has raised and sold bulls for this specific sale.  This year he raised 14 bulls for the sale and Saturday was the day we watched them sell.  This year it is important to us too in that Tessa (our youngest) and Gpa own a bull together.  MM Balance TJL is the first of what we hope to be many more bulls to go through the sale for the kids.  Two bull calves were born this fall so we will have to wait and see how they grow and develop.  (Can anyone guess what the MM stands for in his name?)

Bull Sale 01

We did have a snow storm on Thursday and was not for sure we would be able to go and see the bulls sell until Friday night.  The roads were all cleared and it was smooth sailing down to Kingsville to the Auction Barn.

Bull Sale 03

First it was lunch and then to the pens to see how all of the “boys” were looking.  I have to say, Gpa and Tess’s looked pretty good.

Bull Sale 02

Gma and Tess checking out the bulls and looking for hers right before the sale began.

Bull Sale 05

This is John.  He is the CEO of Seedstock Plus.  He is welcoming everyone to the sale and making announcements.  John and his family is also the reason I started showing cattle in high school.  I bought my first Gelbvieh show heifer, Wendy, from them.  She did really good for me as a heifer and even better when I showed her as a cow/calf pair.  Don’t ask Laurie, John’s wife, about clipping her though.  Clipping is done before every show and it was not Wendy’s favorite thing to do, at ALL.

Bull Sale 04

This year they started with the Balancer bulls, had two Angus to sell and then the Gelbvieh.  Gpa had the first bull to sell.  Off the bat we were on a great start!

Bull Sale 06

Soon it was time for Tessa’s bull to come through the ring.  This guy just walked in real slow and stood there.  Like he wanted everyone to see him.  One of the gate guys had to walk up to him to get him to move around a little.  Again he looked really good.  I guess some of the bidders thought so too because he had the second highest sale price of the Balancer bulls.  Yes, he did good.  (Ok, so when I say he did good, I really mean WOW. HE. DID. GOOD.)  We could not have been more pleased, shocked, surprised, excited about it all.  The whole day was good.  It ended up being the highest average selling price per bull for my dad, ever.  It took hard work,dedication to the breed and a good reputation to get to this day.  Gpa prides himself on producing a good, quality product and it showed.

Bull Sale 07

In all it was a great day and a good start to the weekend.  My next post is about our trip to the Western Farm Show the next day.  Busy weekend, yes it was.

Blessings to you and to all the young bulls out there who are now making their marks on the industry,

Laurie – Country Link

Farmers Take Vacations Too

When do you usually go on vacation?  Is it in the summer while kids are out of school?  Or is it in the winter when time slows down and it is easier to get away from things?

For this farming family we do both, that is when we can.  We like to take a little trip in the summer with the kids.  Usually we go and visit friends for a long weekend in either southern Missouri or western Kansas.  Seth’s company takes a trip every other year in January.  We were so excited to be able to attend the Burrus trip this year!  A big thank you to Gpa and Gma for watching the kids while we were gone.

sunset over the beach

We traveled to Panama City, Panama with 64 other couples at the end of January (that’s right, no kids).  Temperatures were in the 90’s!  Low humidity and cool breezes all day long.  What a wonderful time it was.  Nice and relaxing for these farmers/seed sales men and their wives.

The Westin Resort

If you have never traveled with 65 couples (did I mention no kids?), it takes a lot of planning and prep.  We flew out of three different airports at three different times with a layover and a connection flight.  You then have customs and immigration to navigate through and then you travel to the resort.   We stay in an all-inclusive resort so that once we land and are settled in our rooms, we don’t have to worry about anything else.  All of the food and drinks are included.  This is a big deal for us wives.  No prep, no clean up and lots of choices.  Yummy!

pool side

The next five days are filled with relaxing, tours, dips in the pools or ocean and getting to know the other 64 couples who came with you.  When you travel with farmers, you do feel like you are traveling with family or old friends.  Conversations by the pool always led back to this years planting season, seed, equipment, livestock and families.

What is also nice about this trip is that we get to see how others live and work outside of the great United States.  Panama is a unique country.  It is a melting pot of cultures.  Many different ethnicity’s are represented here.  It is also a major banking hub because of the canal.  Each country that uses the canal needs to have a bank in the country so that they can pay cash to use the canal.


We saw the bank building skyscrapers.

city construction

We saw lots of construction and preservation of the older/historic buildings in the city.

boat headed to canal

We saw boats and freighters lined up to use the canal and locks.

Panama City street

And we saw the not so pretty sights of Panama  City.

We were never anywhere that we did not feel safe or were not in a group, but being in a foreign country you have to remember that you are a visitor there.  It is also a reminder that we are blessed and that our way of life in not the only way of life.  Farming and ranching is second nature to many of us in our group.  Working hard to make little is second nature to many in Panama.


Something you may not know about traveling with farmers is that you are always up to date on the temps and weather conditions at home.  Like this:  you are laying on the beach with the sun shinning, the temperature is 94 degrees, a nice breeze is blowing.  Now the farmer steps up:  “It is in the 40’s at home and the temperature is supposed to drop, there is a good chance of rain, think we could see some ice after we get back.”  You can take the farmer off of the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the farmer.

Mr. Tom and Marcy BurrusMr. Tim and Lori Greene

In all it was a wonderful time and we are so blessed to be able to work with the Burrus Family.  Tom and Marcy Burrus and Tim and Lori Greene go on all of the Burrus trips.  They are a true family owned company that is all about family.  Thank you Tom, Marcy, Tim and Lori for a wonderful trip!

It was great to get away for a few days, but yes we did miss the kids and could not wait to get back to see them.  Facetime and Skype are wonderful inventions!

Blessings to you this winter,

Laurie – Country Link

*Gpa also got to take a trip last week.  I hope to be able to tell you about it soon.  Here is a hint about where he went:  He traveled to this destination 40 years ago and never in his wildest dreams thought that he would be able to go back.  Any guesses?

Friends and Football

Once a year I leave the kids, the husband and the farm behind to head to the big city to catch up with girlfriends and attend a University of Missouri football game.  M-I-Z-Z-O-U!

Us ladies are all alumni of the College of Agriculture and we wanted to find a way to meet once a year to reminisce and see the campus.  What better way then a football game.  This year the temperatures were great and we did not freeze until the last quarter of the game.

We like to meet first at a local campus hangout and then we walk to the game with a detour through parts of campus.

Campus has changed since we graduated just a few years ago, (ok, it is more than a few, be we can pretend, right?)  so we took in some new sights and posed for a few pictures with some very famous men and of course we went to the Quad to see the columns.

This is a picture of Jesse Hall, one of my favorite buildings on campus because I think it is so very pretty.

Then we headed to the stadium to meet up with a few others who joined us for the first time this year.  There are five of us who have not missed since we started doing this three years ago.  This year we were happy to have some new ones join us and sad that two could not come at the last-minute.

I will be the first to admit, I am not a very good watcher during the game.  I like to visit and catch up with the girls.  When everyone around me stands up and cheers, I am right there with them though.  And I can say Z-O-U as loud as any other alumni.

It was a good game.  We were ahead in the first half, tied up in the second and in the last-minute lost it.  Oh well, there is always next year.  I did not take my big camera into the stadium, so my picture-taking abilities were limited, but here are some pictures that I did get during the game.

In all it was a great day catching up and seeing some great friends!  They are all followers of my blog, (well, they had better be now!) and were happy to pose for fun pictures.  Thanks gals!  Gentlemen, some of these very lovely ladies are even single!

Nothing is better than some good friends and a little college football on a November evening!  Thank you Darla, Jenny, Nichole, Michele, Jessica, Jennifer, LeAnn and Little Brother Brian for a great time.

Blessings to you and all Agriculture Alumni,

Laurie – Country Link

*Friends who have iphones are great!  Some of these pictures are theirs.

Family, Fun and Faces

Wow!  What a weekend!  First off we got rain and not just a little, almost four inches!  It was a wonderful sight.  Second we got to see lots of family and celebrate a new marriage.  We love it when we get to see family.  And third it was Labor Day!  A day to celebrate all of the hardworking men and women out there.

The rain started Friday late morning and did not stop until Saturday afternoon.  It came down as a nice gentle rain.  No high winds, hail or even lightning.  Just a good soaker.  (As I am writing this late Monday night, it is beginning to rain again!)

Saturday we loaded up and left the COUNTRY for the big city.  It was the day of Seth’s cousins wedding and what a beautiful wedding it was!  The bride was beautiful, the church was lovely, the music breath-taking, the groom handsome and the kids were on their best behavior.  It was the adults we had to worry about at times.

This is Emily and Brian.  Emily is a country girl from mid-Missouri who decided to go to law school in New Orleans, LA.  She loved it down there and found a love too, Brian.  He is also a lawyer and a native of Louisiana.  Together they make a wonderful couple and we wish them all the best!

I did not get many pictures of the ceremony, but took lots at the reception.  This is one picture that I made a point to take.  It is of the trumpet player, Brian’s brother-in-law.  He was wonderful!  He brought the feel of Louisiana into the church with the way he played.

After all the hugs and handshakes, it was on to the reception!






What a wonderful Family!  What wonderful Fun we had!  What wonderful Faces we saw!

After spending time with family, it was back home to spend Labor Day at home taking it easy.  Well, not really taking it easy, but spending it at home with my husband and kids, wonderful.

Blessing to You and of course the newlyweds,

Laurie – Country Link

3 Days and 60 Miles = HOPE

A few posts back, (Hauling Hay) I mentioned that my sister, Carrie, was about to embark on a journey 60 miles long.  Well today is the day!  The Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk started today in Twin Cities, MN.

This is Carrie.  She is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend, hard-worker and a very dedicated individual.  This is her in the hotel room before the opening ceremonies this morning.  The participants had to be there at 7:00 a.m with the walk to start at 7:30 a.m.

Carrie began this journey three years ago when she did her first walk.  It too was in Minnesota and she had one friend walking with her.  This year there are ten women from around Iowa who are walking as a team.  So far today they will have walked 19.4 miles!!!

I am truly in awe and amazed by these woman and the work and dedication that goes into training to walk 60 miles in three days.  These ladies are like Carrie.  Moms and wives who have children, husbands and jobs that demand their time and energy and still they find the time and energy to dedicate themselves to this.  They all have their own reasons for walking, but they all do hope that by doing things like this, there will someday be a cure for breast cancer.  Way to go Ladies!!  Way to go!

We have lost friends and family members to cancer.  We know men and woman who are fighting cancer now.  Cancer is something that does not discriminate.  It can attack anyone at any time.  So this walk, these 60 miles, they are for everyone who has been affected by cancer.  And truly, we all have.  So as you read this post about a sister who is walking, don’t think of her as someone else in pink, think of her as part of the mission to find a cure.

If you have lost someone special to breast cancer, please share their story so that others can continue the fight for them.

Blessings to you and the walkers at this weekends 3-Day,

Laurie – Country Link


I was a livestock exhibitor at the Missouri State Fair for many years.  It was a place to see old friends, make new ones, show off your hard work and have fun.  Showing is fun.  At least it was for me.  I put in over 10 years of showing livestock and will never forget those days.  They taught me a lot of things, like working hard, taking care of something, seeing things through and most of all dedication.

When starting my post about the Missouri State Fair I had to go and change it three times.  I was going to tell you about our day.  I was going to talk about the Focus On Missouri Photo Contest.  I was going to show you pictures of my beautiful children and handsome nephew (not biased at all).  In the end I decided to talk about none of that.  Instead I want to talk about the youth who are in the barns day in and day out working with their animals so that they can show us what dedication really is.

For the short amount of time that I got to be in the barns this year, I saw dedication, hard work, reward and good character.  I would of loved, (LOVED), to have just been in the barns snapping pictures of what I saw, capturing the moments that make up being a livestock exhibitor.  When you have three kids, a nephew and a Gpa who have other ideas, well then you get the few pictures that you can and move on to the next thing.

A young man, who I have never met impressed me with this character.  We had gotten to the sheep barn and found our friend/neighbor Erin and her sheep.  The young man next to her noticed that the Tessa was looking at his lambs and asked it she would like to pet one.  He then went into his pen and brought a ewe over to her so that she could pet it.  She loved it!!!  I think he got a kick out of it too, but he took the time to notice her and I won’t forget that.

Our next stop was the swine barn.  We have many Linn County kids who go to the State Fair and expected to see some of them and our very good friends from Knox County.  It was not a show day, but weigh-in time for the barrows and things were kind of busy.  We did catch up with the Penn Family from Knox County and got to see their girls Jessie and Becca and meet their pigs.  Jessie and Becca are twins, (like me!) and this year they made a big jump in showing pigs.  This year they raised their own show pigs.  Now that is dedication.

Many 4-H’ers and FFA members don’t have a facility or the right set up to raise pigs.  They may have a small lot and barn for a few pigs that they raise just to take to fairs.  This in its self does take dedication and hard work, but these girls in my mind stepped it up this year and took both of those further.  Now, did they win?  I don’t know their official placings, but if you ask them I have a feeling that they will think that they did and that the win is much sweeter when you show something that you raised.   Great job Becca and Jessie!!  (The above picture is of Becca and her little sister Lillie, who is following in her sister’s foot steps when it comes to showing.)

At the Missouri State Fair there are a lot of cattle barns.  A LOT.  We did not get to them.  We did however get to see some of the FFA Gelbvieh Cattle show.  Gelbvieh is what I showed and what is part of my dad’s cattle herd.  In this case I am a little biased and feel that Gelbvieh is a great breed!  It did take me long time to remember how to spell it.

Showing cattle is not always easy.  It is hard work.  This young lady, Rachel, is having a bit of trouble with her heifer.  The little gal was tired of being in the show ring and Rachel was doing her best to stay calm and control the heifer.  I was very proud of the way Rachel handled this and the determination she has.  Some exhibitors might have called in the towel or used “other” tactics to try to control the heifer.  Rachel did a great job and did just what she should have: stayed calm, dropped the show stick out-of-the-way, and found a way to keep the heifer in the show ring.  Well done Rachel!

There are many more examples of youth being excellent at the State Fair.  To see more youth in action check out the following links and YouTube video.

Young Edina Girl and Her Pig, Gus, Win Big at the State Fair

Hasekamps of Tulip: Summers Grand Finale

Iowa Sate Fair Champion Steer Drive

Missouri Youth in Agriculture

Missouri State Fair

I will finish this up with one picture of my beautiful children and handsome nephew.  (Ok, I am really biased on this one.)  They are sitting in the HighWay Gardens at the Missouri State Fair, my second favorite place on the grounds.

If you know of any other outstanding youth who exhibit livestock, please share a link or story with me.  I would love to read it!

Blessings to You,

Laurie – Country Link