Mama’s Journal

Head shot

Mama’s Journal was started in March 2016 as a way for Laurie to get back to writing and sharing the day-to-day with her followers. For every day is different on the farm and any day can hold a life lesson, a fun experience or a trying time.

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Here are a few examples of what you will read when clicking on Mama’s Journal:

Day 1 – “One of those thoughts was sitting down and just writing every few days here on the blog. Just sitting the timer and writing for 30 minutes and seeing where it takes me. You see I was looking back at old blog posts yesterday and noticed that I don’t write any more. Oh sure, I have blog posts and pictures and words, but not the writing that I used to do. When did I stop doing that? When did I stop writing about just about our everyday lives and the things that we do as a family? When did I start worrying about every little word and phrase and how it would be construed? I will have to tackle more shower scrubbing to get to the bottom of those questions, but for now my cleaning thoughts came up with Mama’s Journal.”

Bull Crap… – “Now bull crap on the other hand, or in the case of yesterday actually on my hand, is a bit rare. The bulls come to us in December, do their work, and then head back to their home in March. As a term of this lease, we needed to take them to the veterinarian and have them retested and DNA taken before they could be picked back up. That was my job today. Hauling the bulls to and from the vet’s. Oh, and their crap.”