Farm Picture Friday #54 – Small Packages

Farm Picture Friday #54 - Small Packages  COUNTRY LINKed

Last Saturday ended up being a pretty good day here on the farm.  At first I was not for sure how it was going to go.  You see the wind was blowing like crazy, it was cold and we had cattle to work.   Mama cows and baby calves all had to be brought in off the corn stalks they were enjoying eating so that they could be checked, vaccinated and poured.  I was not worried about the cattle at all.  We know to take our time and be careful with the ladies and they in turn are calm and easy to handle.  I was more worried about having three small helpers.  Three small helpers who were going to want to help, but because we still had (and have) corn to harvest, we were needing for things to go smooth which in turn makes things go quick.  In the end it was all because of three small helpers that we had such a good day.

The plan was to work the cows in the morning and then after lunch work the baby calves.  We had everyone moved through the chute and back together by 12:30!! (Just the right time to enjoy the chili that had been cooking in the crock-pot all morning.)  After working the cows, which our oldest, Wyatt, helped with, I gathered up the girls and told them it was their turn to help. Let me tell you, help they did!  I had a very proud farm mama moment when the girls got right in there and helped with the calves.  They were just the right size that the baby calves actually moved better for them then me and Gpa.  The kids walked behind the calves and gave a little push every now and then.  I wish I had a picture of all three of the kids helping, but I was lucky to get this shot of just Wyatt for today’s Farm Picture Friday.  Photography is not allowed when there are jobs that need done.  (Which means don’t have a camera in your hand when you are supposed to be working.)

Just goes to show you that sometimes the best help can come in small packages.

Blessings to you and all small packages,

Laurie – Country Link


Farm Picture Friday #53 – That’s It

Farm Picture Friday #53 - Country Linked

As the farmer climbs up on his grain truck, he is reminded of this past year and all that it took to get the soybeans in the truck.  He reflects back on the harsh winter and the wet spring.  He will never forget the drought again in July and the flooding in September.  He is thankful for all that the good Lord has provided, for things could always be worse.  He lets the soybeans fall through his hands as he checks their color, size and weight.  For he knows, that’s it.  He has produced another crop and the Lord willing, he will do it again next year.

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link

*There are many things that are made from soybeans.  To learn more, go to the United Soybean Board and check out their 2014 Soy Product Guide






Farm Picture Friday #52

Farm Picture Friday #52 - Beginning

Today’s Farm Picture Friday I decided to give it the title, Beginning.

Each day brings us a new beginning and how we approach that beginning is up to us.  May you have a wonderful start to your beginning for today.  May you remember the little things that make life great and may you push aside any doubts that might make you forget the promises in a new day.

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link

Farm Picture Friday #51 – Inspection

Farm Picture Friday #51 from Country Linked -

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted.  – Ecclesiastes 3:1-2, KJ

Blessings to you and to those who are harvesting,

Laurie – Country Link

Farm Picture Friday #50 – Change

Farm Picture Friday #50 by Country Linked


I love this picture of the Country Link Kids. They have grown, changed and developed so much in the two years of this blog.  When COUNTRY LINKED was started, two of them were in school full time and the littlest one was only 3 years old.  Now they are all in school and this farm mama is home, by herself most of the day.

With all of the change going on right now, from the changing of the seasons to the change in routine, now seemed like a good time to reflect on my blogging journey and the look of the blog.  We all evolve and change so why not a blog?  Welcome to the changed COUNTRY LINKED!

*I hope you notice the new blog header.  It was designed by the lovely Erin Enhel.  She does fantastic work if you need design work done or photos taken.  Thanks Erin!

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link



Farm Picture Friday #49 – Picking Up

Farm Picture Friday #49 by Country Link,

I can not take credit for this weeks Farm Picture Friday.  I was actually on the trailer stacking hay and did not have the camera.  Kendall, our 8-year-old was in the cab of the truck snapping away.  It is always fun to go back and look at what pictures the kids took.  What a complete surprise this one was!

She took this Tuesday night in the alfalfa field.  Gpa was just getting ready to pick up a small square bale of hay to then put on the trailer.  She captured him at just the right time getting ready to grasp the strings.  The evening rays are highlighting his back and you can see the rest of the field behind him.  I have used the kids pictures before as Farm Picture Fridays, but I think this one is my favorite.

Blessings to you and young photographers everywhere,

Laurie – Country Link


Farm Picture Friday #47 – LIVE. WORK. PLAY.


Where do you live?  Do you live in a city or a small town?  Do you live down a gravel road or near a major interstate?  Do you live close to where you work or far away ?

Today’s Farm Picture Friday might tell you more about where we live.  (I know, not my usual FPF, but I promise you I am going somewhere with this, trust me.)  We live where we work and where we play.  Huh?  Yes, we as family farmers Live, Work, Play all at the same place.

Take the above collage of pictures.  These pictures were actually taken all on the same day in June on our farm in north central Missouri.  It was a typical Saturday morning.  We had things to get done and family was visiting.  When cousins come to the farm they know that they are going to help with something.  On this day we had gravel that needing spreading and the bean platform (combine header) needed worked on so it would be ready for wheat harvest.  The garden needed checked and weeded and the little pedal tractor and wagon of course had to be played with.  Gpa needed lots of good helpers to help him with his chores and Seth needed little ones to tease.  Live. Work. Play. 

Live. We built our home five years ago on part of my family’s farm.  The cattle walk by multiple times a day for water and here soon we will be seeing new baby calves by their sides.  We live close enough to my parents that we can be there in a flash if we are needed or something is forgotten at one place or another.  There are pastures on three sides and across the gravel road that runs in front of the house there is a bean field.  Closest neighbor is a mile and the mailman is most consistent and sometimes the only daily traffic on our road.  We have fresh air to breath and the beauty of God’s creation to look at every day.

Work.  When you care for the land and animals you need to be available for whatever may come up.  Be it working in the garden so that fresh vegetables and fruit can be on the table, assisting the cow that is having trouble giving birth, or making that late day delivery of seed, we are ready for work at a moments notice.  Seth’s job as a Sale Manager for Burrus Hybrids allows him to work on/from the farm.  His main office is here out of the house.  It offers him flexibility and access to those who he serves.  Being a Sales Manger for a seed company is not a nine to five kind of job.  Days can be long, so being able to have an office in the home is necessary and a true blessing when you are the seed guy.

Play.  We do take time to play, but when we do it is usually here on the farm with family or friends.  Be it building a fire in the fire pit to roast hot dogs and marshmallows, or lighting fire works on the 4th, it all takes place right here on the farm.  The kids enjoy being outside and love to have friends (and cousins) come for a visit. Their friends love coming to the farm.  Where else do you get to climb on hay bales, pick sweet corn or take muddy adventures? Not anywhere else I know of then the family farm.  Now we do take vacations, but like they say, “There is no place like home” and “Home is where the heart is”.

This week’s Farm Picture Friday is just the start of more blog posts regarding Live. Work. Play.  Until then, tell us about where you live, work or play.

Blessings to you and all who live, work and play on family farms,

Laurie – Country Link

Farm Picture Friday #45


Being a farm mom I relish the times that my children are with me.  Depending on what I am doing or where I am at, they are not always with me on or off the farm. Take Wednesday for instance.  That morning three of us left the house to go to swimming lessons.  Kendall, the middle child, had already left to go to a 4-H Clover Kid camp and we would be picking her up later.

Two with me, one not.

After arriving home with all three kids, a babysitter came to watch them so that I could go to the hay field to help.

None with me.

After getting the hay done, I went to the house and got Wyatt, the oldest, so that he could help plant beans.  I went to the field too with the extra beans in case they were needed.

One with me, two not.

After the beans were planted it was back to the hay field to pick up small square bales of alfalfa.  Wyatt was needed to help drive so that I could help pick up bales.

One with me, two not.

After all the work was done, it was time to head back home and fix supper.

Three with me. 

I relish the time together with my children.  The learning and growing that they do.  The sense of accomplishment that I see on their faces.  The love for each other and the land that we are raising them on.  Yes, I even love the dirty knees and the ripped out jeans.

Blessings to you and any child who has ripped the knees of their jeans,

Laurie – Country Link

Farm Picture Friday #44

FPF #44This morning was beautiful.  There was a fog hanging over the pastures and everything had a dew on it.  Breathtaking.

It had been a while since I had taken my camera out to just take pictures of the beauty of the simple things.  As I was walking around, I spied this little spider web on one of the lilac bushes.  It was so little and so perfect, this little web, with the morning dew still hanging on it.

Now I know life is not perfect.  Nor should it be, but at times in the early morning when things are quite and there is beauty all around, one can only think, perfection.

Blessings to you and to my friend Tiffany T. who helped to inspire my walk this morning,

Laurie – Country Link