30 Days of Photos – Day 9 Farmers

Farmers are a favorite subject of mine to photograph. You just never know what you might get when you have your camera around one.


Day 9 – Farmers

Yesterday in the field I just wanted to get my yearly picture of the kids in the grain truck with their farm hats on. Since I was on the top of the grain truck with them, I was able to be at the right vantage point to capture this image of my soon to be 68-year-old dad. He is a Farmer. One of my favorite Farmers that I like to photograph. I have pictures of him in the fields, among the cows, sorting hogs and teaching the next generation about farming. In all of these photos you see his dedication, his love, and his passion for what it is that he is doing. Sometimes you see the fatigue and frustration this job brings, but no matter what you see what it means to be a Farmer. And that my friends is something amazing to capture.

Canon Rebel T5i

Blessings to you,
Laurie – Country Link