Farm Picture Friday #26

Farm Picture Friday #26

Welcome to Rural America!  Small towns with local elevators/feed stores and a main street.  Where everyone waves when they meet you on the road, (or sees you standing on the side of the road with a camera in your hand).  Places were everyone knows everyone and is willing to lend a hand.

A place where agriculture and farms are the norm.  Kids grow up driving pickups, four-wheelers and tractors.  School sport events are a place to socialize and catch up.  The local FFA chapter sells fruit in the fall and the 4-H club is out helping neighbors and picking up trash.

Where the black top roads are labeled with letters and stop signs have holes in them (bullet holes that is).  Deer season is a time for community breakfasts and tall tales.  Combines are seen in the fields and traveling on the black top roads.

In Rural America it takes a few hours just to visit 10 houses while Trick or Treating and you have more candy then you can eat in a year.  The neighbors may be as close as half a mile or as far at five, but they are still your neighbor.  When the steer gets out next door, you either put it back in, or place it in your corral until they can come and get it.

And here in Rural America you seen sites like this Farm Picture Friday.  A place to call home.

What does your Rural America look like?  Post pictures on the COUNTRY LINKed FaceBook page and I will share with all our friends.

Blessings to you and those who call Rural America home,

Laurie – Country Link

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