30 Days of Photos – Day 6 Sunsets

This time of the year the sunsets here in Missouri are beautiful. I don’t always get to capture them, but tonight on a friend’s family farm, I took just a bit of time to capture the sun going down.


Day 6 – Sunsets

Capturing sunsets can be a bit tricky, for me that is. I love the way the look, but I want to capture the sky the exact way I see it, not capture it and alter it with a photo program. Tonight I was at a friend’s and this tractor and augur were setting at the edge of the field. I walked to the fence to capture the sunset, but did not feel like I was really capturing its beauty. I walked away and up to the tractor, turned around and saw what I needed to do. I dropped all of the way to my belly, decreased my f-stop, increased my shutter speed and crossed my fingers. Here is the result of my sunset picture.

Canon Rebel T5i

Blessings to you,
Laurie – Country Link