Mama’s Journal – Spreadsheets and Bed Sheets

Today was the day. The day we go and talk to the banker. It is a morning full of looking at numbers and cash flows and line items and balances and all of the other things you have to know and report when you talk to your banker.

Each year I get better at this. Each year I have a little more information to add to the mix and a better feel for if what we are doing is going to show us in the black or the red. (Quick reminder, RED is bad.)

Like most weekends my husband was up before me and out the door to get something accomplished before the trip into town to see the banker. During the week you can flip a coin to see who is going to be up and awake first, but weekends, that is his thing. Up and out to start the day. Me, I like to stay snuggled in my bed sheets and let the morning sun and the little noises the kids make as they are waking up get me going.

So this morning I stayed in bed just a little bit longer…………until I remembered those spreadsheets! That got me up and out of my nice warm bed sheets. We did not have a set appointment time, but knowing my better half like I do, if I did not have everything just about ready to go when he walks in 30 minutes late, then we were really going to be behind on the day.

So out came all of the spreadsheets and the computer and then the double checking began and the looking over and dotting every I and crossing every T. For even though I started all of this a few days ago, I still needed input from him and another set of eyes to make sure that I had everything right.

He gets back to the house, changes his clothes to head to town and comes to look over what I have. I get the husband stamp of approval and him calling me the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). I don’t need much in the way of a pat on the back, but as long as he continues to have faith in me and relies on all that I do for him and the farm, lets just say he will continue to see my spreadsheets and stay in my bed sheets.

Blessings to you,
Laurie – Country Link



4 comments on “Mama’s Journal – Spreadsheets and Bed Sheets

  1. Cute ending! I’m impressed that you help so much with the financials – such an important job.

    • It is just easier that way, really. I have a system that I have gotten used to over the past year and it makes the bank days and tax time go so much smoother. 😊

  2. Darcy says:

    Your last sentence is clever! 😉 And I love this new series of blog posts!

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