Blog Party! Country Fair Style

Blog Party - County Fair

This time of year farmers and ranchers are either really busy or things are slow.  For us, things are kind of slow.  For my friend Nicole, Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom, things are really busy!  They are right in the middle of spring calving, she is working on Flat Aggie Reports and they have a conference to go to next week.  Talk about busy!  To keep things rolling on her blog, she started a new Blog Party and is calling it the Country Fair Blog Party.  Who doesn’t love a County Fair!  I know I do and I look forward to July every year and going to our local fair.  Now we don’t have to wait until July for the County Fair!

Here is how this blog party works:  Bloggers all across the country can post a link from one of their blog posts on Nicole’s blog.  She is hoping that others will post something in line with the County Fair theme; like a great recipe, a fun project or something that farmers are doing right then.  By going to Nicole’s blog, you can find lots of fun blog posts from different bloggers all in one spot.  FUN!

This week I submitted the blog post, “25 Years in the Making“.  It is a post from August 31, 2012 and talks about a project we built in the timber for Gpa.  For future posts to the party I hope to contribute projects, recipes and Farm Picture Friday photos.

Want to come party County Fair Style with us?  Check out this weeks party and check back weekly for more!

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link

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One comment on “Blog Party! Country Fair Style

  1. What a fun link-up! Thanks for letting us all know about it… I look forward to reading Nicole’s blog and seeing the linked post from so many amazing bloggers 🙂

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